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Ibiza best sunset boat trip

ibiza best sunset boat trip

The Best Sunset Boat Trips in ALL Ibiza are shown here

Immerse yourself in the enchanting details of a private/shared sunset boat trip, with stops at Cala Conta, Cala Bassa and exploring the sea caves and enjoy the iconic celestial spectacle accompanied by champagne and memories to last a lifetime.

Embark on this extraordinary sunset boat trip, transcending the ordinary and embracing the magic of Ibiza’s western coast.

Ibiza best sunset boat trip

What is one of the best sunset boat trip in Ibiza?

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The best sunset boat trip in Ibiza is done from San Antonio (Western coast of Ibiza), the main reason to be the best sunset boat trip of Ibiza, is because San Antonio is facing directly to west, by that, the solar disk downs into the blue sea every evening showing a wide range of colours and, the best beaches of Ibiza are few miles away from San Antonio, as Cala Comte and Cala Bassa where you will find, the most crystal and clear waters of all Ibiza.


Ibiza has an amazing west coast, where it is possible to contemplate this astronomical phenomenon from a boat, and has more than 60 beaches disseminated on a coast of more than 130 miles (ca. 209 km) in length.

The western coast of Ibiza is plenty of pretty locations, but the most essential thing is that from this side of the island, you can admire the magical sunset and watch how the disk of the sun dips into the sea. No other side of the island can give you this stunning experience.

Sunset Boat Trip`in Ibiza

San Antonio de Portmany is the main town on the west coast of Ibiza, his maritime tradition from ages ago is still alive with the infamous sunset boat trip, the port of this town has many companies offering this fantastic boat trip, with different durations and offers, here we will mention various of the best we found overall the market.

sunset boat trip in ibiza

Depending on how is your budget you can arrange a private sunset boat trip, or mix with other people, that, depends on what you are looking for. If you are a group of friends and want to enjoy a private sunset trip, the better option is to contract one as will be shown here, but if your target is not a private one, and you want to mix with other people and enjoy this experience we will mention an excursion that has the higher quality-price ratio.

How much it cost a sunset boat trip in Ibiza?

As aforementioned above, there are two types, one as a private sunset boat trip and the second as an excursion, the rates of the first one, can vary strongly in which kind of boat you will do it, but in general, if your group is less than twelve passengers, the cost can be around €750 for a private sunset trip of 3 hours up to 12 guest with everything included as skipper, drinks, water toys and obviously with champagne/ Prosek to watch the sunset in front of Mambo Café.

But, if you require a boat that can hold up to 20 guest the cost can be around €1400, and finally if the boat is up to 40 guest the tariffs always oscillate around  €2000!

If your choice is with a non-private sunset boat trip, the cost varies between €60 and €70 everything included for a 3-hour boat trip. By that, we are going to respond to the most frequently asked questions about sunset boat trips in Ibiza, but also if you like you can visit our boat trips section

FAQs about Sunset Boat Trips in Ibiza

Where does it the best Sunset Boat trips in Ibiza start?

Normally in San Antonio, the sunset boat trips start from the port, at the promenade where are located the huts of the companies.

What time is the sunset in Ibiza?

The sunset times vary strongly from May to October differently, These sunset times can be from 9 p.m on the first of may to 9:30 pm ending June to 7:30 pm on the first of October.

What type of clothing should you take when you go out on a sunset boat trip in Ibiza?

If your sunset boat trip has swimming stops, as usual, remember to wear a swimming costume, and depending on the month, you have to know that when the sun hits the ocean the breeze is coming, and after that is chilly (normally in May and October) we strongly recommend taking a jumper or hoodie.

What’s the best month to go on a sunset boat trip?

All months are good, but first, you have to check how it will be the weather on the day selected, there are several and accurate forecast websites, but remember that, also on clear days a random cloud can cover the sun, if this happens don’t panic due to the colours of the twilight are going to be amazing just enjoy the moment.

What’s the highest quality-price ratio for private and non-private sunset boat trips in Ibiza?

The highest quality/price ratio of sunset boat trips of Ibiza are:

  • €70 per person in the non-private 3 -hour sunset boat trips, all included
  • €750 3-hour private sunset boat trip for up to 12 guests, all included
  • €1500 4-hous private YACHT sunset for up to 12 guests all included
  • €1500 3-hour private sunset boat trip for up to 25 guests, all included
  • €1800 3-hour private sunset boat trip up to 30 guests, all included
  • €2400 3-hour  private sunset boat trip up to 35 guests, all included


Ending with a stop to watch the sunset in one of the most incredible areas. This breathtaking private sunset boat trip departs from San Antonio. It sets navigation to Cala Conta, one of the best beaches of all Ibiza, rated with 5 stars in Google and rated as the best beach by TripAdvisor.

This anchor area, far away from masses has blue and crystal clear waters with sandy bottoms, this first stop is for about 50 minutes, where you can swim paddle SUP, snorkel or just relax on the waterbed delighting with a fresh drink that is included in the offer.


cala conta beach

From Cala Conta, you will navigate to the Cala Bassa area. Entering several caves, there is a magical stop in front of an amazing cave where you will swim inside if you like.

Afterwards, we will go to a hidden cove not far from there, where we will stop again to enjoy the marvellous waters of Ibiza. This stop remains apart from crowded areas, because normally in summer in front of the main beaches, there are lots of boats moored, but in this area is not, also in August!.


Cala Bassa

This third stop of an hour more or less is characterized by a proper Ibizan cove where sandy bottoms and seagrass and rocks mix all together, this peaceful stop is the best time to try snorkelling to observe the fauna of octopus, rockfish, and coloured fishes that will wrap you without touching you, also if you are explorer you can get into the small sea caves with the paddle SUP if you like.

It is time to go, and the boat sets navigation to the most famous area to observe the sunset, just in front of Mambo Café with privileged sea views from the boat the skipper knows exactly what is the best position to stop the boat to admire how the sun dips the sea.


The best sunset cruise in Ibiza

One time the boat stops in this precise location, the opening of champagne or Prosek bottles acts as an astronomical ritual.

The sun lasts about two minutes and a half to disappear below the horizon, but at this time starts the magical twilight and dawn with the characteristic beginning diffusion of colours in the sky. At this moment, we will be back to port with our soul filled with unforgettable experiences.


We offer sunset boat trips showing availability first, to check the best date that suit your first preference you can use an easy and secure booking platform. Just in three clicks, you can book your sunset boat trip.


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