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“Enrolling in an Ibiza scuba diving course is more than just learning underwater skills; it’s a journey into a realm of wonder and exploration. Discover vibrant marine life, explore hidden underwater caves, and witness the mesmerizing beauty of the Mediterranean below the surface. Beyond mastering essential scuba skills, this course offers an opportunity to unravel the secrets of the deep, creating memories as vivid as Ibiza’s azure waters. Immerse yourself in adventure, become a scuba expert, and let the sea’s enchantment be your unforgettable classroom in Ibiza.”


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There are many scuba diving courses in Ibiza. If you are looking for where to start, this is your page. Scuba diving courses start for complete beginners without any previous practice in diving, as shown 

Padi Scuba Diver 12 mt 

Open Water Scuba Diver 18 mt

Or for Qualified Divers to advance in their scuba skills and depth as:

 Padi Advanced Open Water

Padi Rescue Diver

Dive Master



detailed information about the diving courses in Ibiza

inmersion para niños Bubblemaker en ibiza


This program is designed for children from 8 to 9 years old who want to learn to build up to a maximum of 2 meters, finishing the experience delivering a certificate of achievement.
bautismo de buceo en ibiza

Discover Scuba Program

The PADI Discover program teaches you some basic skills and concepts of diving, is a good link to get the scuba diver qualification and training to dive up to 12 meters accompanied by an instructor or Dive Master.
Discover de PADI en ibiza primera experiencia en buceo

PADI Scuba Diver

The PADI SCUBA DIVER diving course qualifies you to dive up to 12 meters. It consists of 3 online theory modules, 3 sessions in the pool and 2 dives in the sea at 12 meters, it can be done in a minimum of 2 days.
Curso de buceo PADI SCUBA DIVER en ibiza

PADI Open Water Diver

The PADI OPEN WATER diving course qualifies you to dive up to 18 meters. It consists of 5 theory modules, 5 sessions in confined waters and 4 dives in the sea (two to 12 meters and two to 18 meters). It can be done in a minimum of 3 mornings.
curso de buceo PADI OPEN WATER en ibiza

PADI Advanced Diver

The PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER course consists of 5 specialty dives, 2 of which are compulsory (Deep at 30 m and Navigation) and 3 others of free choice, enables you to dive up to 30 m and can be done in 3 mornings.
Curso PADI Avanzado en ibiiza


The emergency first response course is not a diving course but is compulsory to get the qualification of PADI Rescue Diver, it can be done in one full day.
curso PADI RESCUE DIVER en ibiza

PADI Rescue Diver

The PADI RESCUE DIVER course extends the knowledge you already have about how to prevent problems and how to manage them if they happen. There are 2 rescue scenarios during the course in 4 dives, along with the online theory and can be done in 2 or 3 days.
curso PADI DIVE MASTER en ibiza

PADI Dive Master

The PADI DIVE MASTER course is your first step to work as a diver in a PADI center since you will work closely with a PADI instructor, it is necessary to be a Rescue diver, along with having 40 certified dives before the course and a minimum of 20 dives during the PADI Dive Master course.
introduction to The diving courses


We are a PADI 5-STAR diving resort with more than 20 years of experience offering all PADI diving courses. All the scuba diving courses has two different parts:

  1. Online theory  

The part of the theory of the diving courses is done via the e-learning platform of PADI, the duration of the theory depends on the scuba diving course you choose but as a guide, the duration can be from 4 hours till 8 hours

  1. Practical sessions  

The practical sessions start with confined waters, as in a pool or a confined bay, where you can stand up with a max 9 ft (2.74 m) depth. In the case of the diving course PADI scuba diver or the PADI open water, one time you finish these sessions you will start your open water dives.

In this table, you can find easily a resume of the duration of the first four PADI diving courses.

Our diving school start any course only with you if necessary, so there’s not a minimum number of students to start any course, you  will learn the theory from your home or wherever you like, and you do just the practice with us, it’s as easy as that¡


In this tablet, you will find all the information related to the duration of the  diving courses.

 Online durationconfined open watersduration
Scuba Diver3 sections4 hours3 modules2 dives2 mornings
Open Water5 sections7 hours5 modules4 dives3 mornings
Advanced5 sections5 hoursno 5 dives3 mornings
Rescue5 sections5 hoursno 4 dives3 mornings

The diving courses are divided into online theory and diving practices that you will do with us.

The online theory of scuba diving courses is explained in very simple language and supported by very expository videos on the PADI e-learning platform, where we will send you the access codes when you book the diving course.

Therefore, it has never been so easy and so comfortable to learn the theory of diving, from home or wherever you want, from your computer or telephone, with the freedom of schedules that you are looking for, and finally you can do it.

 The online theory of the PADI diving courses is very easy and comfortable to learn due to the freedom of schedules”

The practices of the PADI diving courses are performed with our instructor on the day you decide, in a very safe environment and under recognized quality and safety standards.

The practices of the diving courses have different durations, depending on the diving course you do, you will have to come more days or only two mornings in the most basic diving course that we offer.

The practices of the PADI diving courses are carried out on the days that you decide in a safe environment and under supervision “


Below we show you a brief numbered list, from the most basic course to the most advanced course along with an explanation so that you know what they consist of, how long they last, at the same time how deep you can dive and what you can or cannot do. .

1.PADI Scuba Diver Course

It is the diving course for those who do not have much time and consists of completing the theory up to section three of the open water manual, and in the diving practices you will carry out three sessions in confined waters and two dives in the sea up to 12 meters. 

It will train you to be able to dive up to 12 m and, always, accompanied by an Instructor. Not only that, but it does not allow you to rent diving equipment, and it can be done in two mornings.

2.PADI Open Water Diver course

The quintessential scuba diving course for beginners, it consists of five sections of the Open Water manual theory and, in the diving practices, you will carry out five sessions in confined water and four dives in the sea to a maximum depth of 18 m.

It enables you to dive up to 18 m, allows you to rent diving equipment and can be done in a minimum of three half days.

3.PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The theory consists of five sections of the advanced open water diver manual, two sections are mandatory, such as deep diving and navigation, the remaining three are free to choose, the practices of the course are the five speciality dives with a maximum depth of 30 meters. It allows you to rent diving equipment and can be done in 3 mornings.

4.PADI Rescue Diver Scuba Course

The PADI quintessential PADI Rescue Diver, to obtain the certification it is necessary to take the EFR course, or possess it with a 24-month age limit, it allows you to rent diving equipment and can be done in a minimum of 2 days plus one day to do the EFR.

 5.PADI Dive Master diving Course

It is the PADI diving course to make your hobby a job that you are passionate about, it has a minimum limit of 20 registered dives to start and, during the course you will make 20 dives along with all the theory of the PADI Dive Master. It trains you to be able to work in a diving centre and the duration of the course is not less than ten days.

diving ibiza instructor Padi
Ask about our PADI courses, held in small groups and also in private classes. We do not require a minimum number of students to take any diving course
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Our introduction


At Arenal Diving, we have the best offers to take the PADI courses in Ibiza. Highly qualified, multilingual teaching staff and high quality standards in the development of all our courses.

The PADI courses combine theory with practical classes in confined waters, and open sea (open water). The courses  carried  by certified PADI instructors.

We plan the courses to measure. You should not worry about whether you work or are on vacation. We are sure that you will finish your course on time.
At all times, our courses and immersions are governed by PADI standards.

High quality equipment to start your course!

Arenal Diving Ibiza


 The courses carried by certified PADI instructors. The PADI Open water Diver certification is a necessary requirement to dive in most of the world’s diving destinations. The course teaches you all the skills to dive, the handling of the equipment and how to get by in most situations or scenarios. Arenal Diving reinforces this training with a lot of emphasis on safety issues, teamwork, and diver skills.

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Four days diving with you guys. Excellent boat, with an excellent crew. I have always had a diving center on the island of Ibiza.
Manuel Carvalho
Short diving trip. Excellent
I booked with Miguel and had riki as captain - absolutely excellent loved it so much we all went twice. well worth the money
Stephanie L
Stephanie L
Excellent boat trip and sunset.
It was really a cool experience. I recommend that you do. The staff is really competent. And the activities were just amazing.
Faniiihh cliente
amazing trip

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