Why should you dive with us?

  • We are local experts and for more than 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to diving in this area collaborating in environmental and archaeological projects, by this reason we know the seabed as  the palm  of our hands.

  • We are paperless diving centre, all the forms are filled out  online, after diving you will receive via email or to your smartphone a pdf document stamped, with the diving profile of your dives  to incorpore into your dive log book.

  • We dive in small groups with a maximum of 4 divers / Instructor or Dive Master.

  • We have multilingual staff with more than 5 languages.

  • We have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on board for your safety and another one  in our Diving Centre

  • The diving sites are at most 30 minutes away.

  • The equipment is renewed every season, working with leading brands such as AQUALUNG.

  • There is a free fridge with soft drinks throughout the diving adventure.

  • You can bring your companion for free as long as  fits on board (divers have priority).

  • You will receive a pdf with interesting things to do after diving, as activities with discounts, places to visit, reccommendations, and much more, done by locals as us.

  • We own 2 boats with capacities for 12 and 41 passengers respectively (check out our fleet ) .

  • We do not close on Sundays, because we make daily departures from April 1st to November 1st.

How do we dive in Arenal diving Ibiza?

We make 2 daily departures to dive on the west coast of Ibiza, sailing at 9:30 am from San Antonio and back at approximately 13:30 pm, depending on the boat we equip ourselves before sailing or during the boat trip.

We have two boats designed from the shipyard to be able to dive in a comfortable and safe way. During the fantastic trip, the divers will be equipped according to diving standards.

Before diving, there will be a safety briefing of the dive and there will be shown through an infographic  profile of the dive along with the peculiarities of this one , in general terms all the dives fulfill this series of requirements because we take the safety in diving very seriously.

  • It is absolutely necessary to have the qualification of a qualified diver to be able to dive,  if you are a PADI diver we can check on line in other cases it is not possible,  if is your case, contact your diving centre or instructor.

  • Under no circumstances the qualified divers  will surpass the depth limit of their qualification,for many dives recorded in their diving book at greater depths.

  • You do not have to extract anything from the sea, except for garbage.

  • The underwater fauna and flora can be seen, but it is not disturbed or touched.

  • The entrance to the water will be done as instructed by the instructors.

  • A safety stop is always made in each dive before leaving the water.

  • The dives will last a maximum of 50 minutes.

  • We make a surface interval between dives of about 40 minutes.

  • No decompression limits are done in any dive.

  • You will never dive alone, always accompanied by a centre guide.

Scuba Diving Packages in Ibiza

Dives with full equipment

Includes: pure air tanks, complete regulator, BCD, weight belt, wet suit, mask, tube, fins, boots and diving  guide.

Not Included: diving insurance (if you do not own it you can contract it the same day).


Dives with tanks and weights

Dives with tanks and weights

Includes: pure air tanks, weight belt and diving guide.

Not Included: diving insurance (if you do not own it you can contract it the same day).


The West coast of Ibiza and some of the nearby islands belongs to the West Natures , in these dive spots there are dives for all levels. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean offers some unique and interesting dives like wrecks, caves and beautiful underwater landscapes. Here there is a list of some of the most popular dives sites.

Minutes away from the centre, there are some of the best dives sites waiting for you, check out the details.



Isla Conejera


more info



Cave of Light .


more info



La Aguja  Es Vedrá

aguja es vedra-buceo

more info





more info



Margaritas Island


more info



La Bota d'es Vedrà


more info



Isla Es Pallaret


more info



 Bledas Island


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                                            Cap Nono

more info



Interactive Western Dives sites map of Ibiza