PADI Discover Scuba Diving 12 mt

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  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving International Certificate of Achievement is delivered (It is not a diving qualification).
  • 1 immersion in the sea up to 12 Mt depth maximum. of 30 minutes duration approx.
  • You can practice Snorkeling after diving.
  • Give credits for other more advanced courses such as Open Water.
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Activity Name: Official PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program for beginners up to 12 Mt depth maximum.

Duration of all activity: 3 hr 30 min approx.

Duration of the Immersion, depth: 30 min approx./12 mt/36 ft

Start time: 15:00 p.m every day

Meeting point of the activity: Port of San Antonio

Location: San Antonio

Official Certificate: PADI Discover Scuba Diving


From 10 years old, Not recommended for pregnant,active asthmatics, diabetics, epileptics,people with pneumothorax,high blood pressure, ear problems. After diving is recommendable wait 12 hr before boarding a plane.

Brief description of the activity

This Official PADI Program consists of a dive at 12 mt for approximately 35 minutes, under the supervision of our PADI Instructors.

It is made from our boat, in a magnificent location 20 minutes from the port in the North Zone of San Antonio, near Cala Salada, specifically Punta Galera.

During the trip the Instructors will give you a theoretical class, they will equip you, and we will arrange small groups.

As we enter the fantastic underwater world from shallow waters, we will follow the instructors in a circular route and we will be able to observe rockfish, starfish, octopus, anemones, spirographs and the well-known seaweed (posidonia oceánica) protected by Unesco in a unique and wild environment.

We will also carry out under the supervision of the instructors a series of basic exercises, such as cleaning the mask, and recovering the regulator, totally necessary to obtain the certificate of international validity, that will be delivered and signed by the Instructor assigned to the end the activity.

Once we finish the experience, we will return to the boat, and another group will do the experience, meanwhile, you can relax on our deck taking the sun, swimming or snorkeling (diving with mask and tube). When all groups finish we will return to Port in 20 minutes

Detailed description of the activity

This official PADI program for beginners without previous experience, consists of a great way to enter for the first time in the underwater world with autonomous breathing equipment (SCUBA), in a safe, fun and supervised by instructors  PADI.

First, we will stay at the meeting point and we will fill  the medical forms that we will give you, necessary to practice the activity.

We will set sail, heading to the diving location (Punta Galera, Cala Salada and surroundings) and we will arrive in about 20 minutes, meanwhile, the instructors we will give you a practical theoretical class about the equipment we will use, the language of the signs of diving, and basic concepts of diving, in our school boat.

The assistants of the Instructors, will help you to equip  in an adequate way, later, we will organize the groups to dive safely and in a reduced number of divers.

While a group dives together with the instructors and assistants of the Instructor, the others who remain on the boat, can enjoy practising Snorkeling (diving with mask and tube), sunbathing on our deck, swimming or simply relax in our fantastic boat.

Once we have to dive, the instructors and assistants will help us to enter the water from the back of our school boat, without any vicissitudes (such as jumping on the back as James Bond).

Already in the water, the instructors will stay with us asking us how we are, and with a simple Ok with our hand (which will have previously taught us the language of the signals) we will form the reduced group of diving, descending in a slow and progressive way to be able start the activity in a safe and fun way.

Our PADI Instructors, have extensive experience with beginners and will proceed in the cases that require, to take the hand to give more confidence and security to the beginner.

Once the group is flapping towards the bottom, an Instructor will guide the group and others will confine the group, always being aware of the safety and comfort of the immersion of the debutants.

The area of ​​the dive is characterized by having a rocky area together with an area of ​​seaweed where the colourful fauna of the sea of ​​Ibiza coexist in a symbiotic way. This fauna consists of rock fish, sea stars, octopus, cuttlefish and an abundant flora such as anemones and nudibranchs, in addition, the visibility of the immersion point in ideal conditions is about 30 mt and without currents or tides, that is, a paradise submarine to enjoy your first experience, and thus be able to follow your training with more advanced diving courses such as the Scuba Diver or the Open Water that allow you to dive as a certified diver in the 5 continents.

The dive itself consists of a circular underwater route through which we will pass through several different habitats, such as the forest of algae of posidonia protected by Unesco, along with rocky areas. The maximum depths to which we will descend will be 12mt, since in the area where we carry out the activity, the deepest zone is 15 mt After the dive, we will return to the ship and the next group will proceed to enter the water, once everyone has finished, we will  arrive at the port in about 20 minutes.


I am not a really confident swimmer , Can I Dive ?

Yes , Our Instructors will help you to dive

I have a question that is not shown in prerequisites.

Contact us

With the Certificate , Can I Dive everywhere?

No , is a diploma not a diving licence

Sharks  in ibiza?

No,We never seen them

It includes


21% VAT

Training with Instruction

the fee includes the assignment of an Instructor who will be the one who trains you properly under the PADI standards


Suit, fins, mask, vest, regulator, tanks and air charges.

Teaching materials:

Official PADI Discover Scuba diving manual.

Final certificate of use

After the experience the instructors will sign your certificate of achievement and you will be registered in the PADI system as you have completed the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program.


Being under training you are fully insured.

Displacement to Immersion points

Shipments are already included in the course fee.

Does not include

Service of photos and videos, snacks, drinks and transfers to the hotel.